OSHA Update for April 2018

Before my OSHA update, I have to let you know what’s happening for me next. My schedule will bring me to San Antonio, Texas this June for ASSE Safety 2018 conference. I will be speaking at the Wednesday June 6 1:45-2:45 Session X on:

S764 | The Future of OSHA: The Donald Trump Administration

I’ve been really stymied on my “Future of OSHA” book for about a year now, because OSHA is half stagnant and half progressing to a new “norm”. After the 2019 Congressional Budget for OSHA, I am really seeing a trend in the program. Where as the EPA, is completely making a 180 Degree turn, OSHA seems to be trying to stay level with not real new regulations and only a few repeals.

If you’re regulated as a PSM/RMP facility, then you want to look at the proposed changes to the Clean Air Act that rescinds the updating of the program. https://www.epa.gov/rmp/final-amendments-risk-management-program-rmp-rule

If you’re regulated under the Clean Water Act, then the definition of Waters of the US (WOTUS) has changed as well or “stayed”. https://www.epa.gov/wotus-rule/final-rule-definition-waters-united-states-addition-applicability-date-2015-clean-water

If I had one regulation to watch it would be the electronic recordkeeping. I smell “REPEAL” on the horizon, due to the new proposed rule regarding the electronic submittal. Keep an eye on the Regulatory Agenda!

Well, here’s a short OSHA update video that I did for the Sunshine Safety Council for their members. If you hadn’t had a chance to subscribe to my YouTube Channel, please do! It would mean the world to me! Here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/c/OSHAComplianceHelp

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