Education & Training

Education and training can be thought of as a tool that binds each step together to keep the efforts cohesive. Some utilities have relied on safety training from organizations or even video tapes with outdated material. The role of education and training must be a factor in developing both management and workers to meet the overall safety culture. General workers should have safety awareness training with regular operations or maintenance training. However, if they work in a specialized area that exposes them to unique hazards, then training must be applicable to that hazard. Effective training can be done peer-to-peer, formal classrooms, online, or at the worksite. Some actions items suggested from OSHA are:

  • Provide program awareness training
  • Train employers, managers, supervisors on their individual safety roles
  • Train worker on their specific role in the safety program
  • Train workers on hazard identification and controls

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  • Reduce the friction between management and workers
  • Monthly webinars and Q & A sessions
  • Safety presentation downloads

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